Bring the casino to your living room!

Millions of viewers in the Malaysia tune in to live roulette programmes every single week. Perhaps you’ve already experienced the unique thrills of a televised live roulette service, including slick production values, entertaining hosts and the excitement of sharing in a national game. If you haven’t tried TV roulette, then it’s time to put your feet up, grab a remote control and get into the action!

There are currently two casino TV channels that air live roulette games, playable via your TV remote, mobile phone or computer: SuperCasino, and Jackpot247. At we have reviewed both programmes to help you find the service that best suits your needs.

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Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Prefer gambling your PC over your plasma screen? Your mobile over your megaplex? SuperCasino and Jackpot 247 both run excellent online casinos, so why not check them out? If you fancy playing on the move, then you can also choose from a number of mobile services.

TV Bonuses

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Televised live roulette channels run multiple bonuses to reward old hands and entice newcomers. The majority of casino offers are active indefinitely, allowing players to take advantage of them at any time. Others are released sporadically on a limited-time basis – particularly around holiday seasons – so keep an eye out for the latest deals!

How it works

Discover how live roulette is brought to your TV and learn how to play…

A game of live TV roulette is conducted similarly to casino-based roulette; however, betting rules are slightly different.

Joining the game

To play Live Roulette on your TV, you will need to set up an account with the relevant casino and deposit some funds. Different casinos accept payments via a number of different methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfer and web-based services like PayPal. Players can make deposits into their accounts, take advantage of active bonuses and withdraw funds at any time.

How to play

When a game begins, presenters spin a live roulette wheel in front of an array of cameras. Players can place bets using their digital television remotes, mobile phones or computers until the croupier calls an end to bets (usually a short time after the wheel has started spinning). When the ball falls into a pocket, the result will be identified by optical-recognition software and the winnings calculated to be paid out into players’ accounts accordingly.

Live messaging

The sheer number of people playing TV roulette at any one time reduces the capacity for interaction with the dealer and other players. However it is still possible to communicate with the dealer and fellow gamblers by SMS text messaging. These messages will appear on the television screen and the dealer will personally respond to the most interesting or relevant if they have the time.

Auto-spin and turbo-roulette

Some channels will offer an automated version of Live Roulette at off-peak times so that you can continue playing even if the dealer is away. A popular televised Live Roulette variant is Turbo-Roulette, in which the wheel is automatically spun once a minute in order to provide gamblers with fast-paced thrills.