For the first time, roulette was played about 200 years ago. Since that, plenty of roulette types have become available both offline and online. Presently, the considerable part of virtual gambling venues offers numerous types of roulette. Since recently, turbo roulette has turned into one of the newest developments in this game. It suggests all gamblers experience one of the fastest and realistic casino games.

Where to play Live Turbo Roulette?

Many online casinos have already added live turbo roulette from Authentic Gaming to their set of online games. Below you will find the list of the top ones.

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What is Turbo Roulette?

The name of the game itself tells that turbo roulette is a speedy game. Live turbo roulette games are the fastest in the industry of online games. In this game, a player does not need to wait for the wheel to stop turning to make bets. The peculiarity is that you should place bets exactly during the time the wheel is spinning. In turbo roulette, you can put all types of bets – like at any land-based casino. When the wheel stops, payouts are made according to the displayed levels.

Live turbo roulette games are based either on American or European versions of this game. Only professional dealers and croupiers with vast experience host live turbo roulette in the most online gambling houses. Owing to several webcams, which are installed around the room, you can watch all dealers’ movements and get a great feeling of being present at the game table. All these factors make live turbo roulette tremendously popular among gamblers worldwide.

This type of roulette offers definite benefits for players. For instance, if you wish to test your particular betting strategy, or you just adore placing bets on a favorite number sequence and do it again frequently, turbo roulette will help you to realize your plans much faster while the wheel is spinning. For one round of the roulette, you get winning from various bets. That is why experienced gamblers have so much admiration to turbo roulette.

Live Turbo Roulette for Mobile and PC

Online casino statistics says that the share of their mobile users keeps on increasing daily. People do not need to have a PC to play online games. Mobile applications allow gamblers enjoying favorite games on-the-go, while standing in a queue, or traveling by bus. That is why most gamers choose those online casinos which offer mobile versions of their beloved games. Thankfully, almost all casinos which offer live turbo roulette have developed an exclusive mobile app for all types of tablets and gadgets. The only thing you need to play this game is to have a stable Internet connection.

Authentic Gaming has developed live turbo roulette with mobile gamblers in mind first. They made all the process of roulette game available via full-screen mode to enlarge the functionality of a small screen of a mobile phone.

Talking about live turbo roulette for PC, everything is effortless. You just switch the PC; choose your favorite casino, which offers live turbo roulette, and start enjoying your favorite game.

How to play Live Turbo Roulette?

To play live turbo roulette, you should perform the following actions:

Attention! Before starting to play live turbo roulette in any given online casino, please read the rules of the game, accepted in this or that casino. You can easily find this information on the Help page. Here you will know the necessary info about the rules of turbo roulette in this casino and the betting options.

What is the difference between the normal roulette version?

The main difference is that live turbo roulette is much faster than any other type of roulette games. The betting structure of live turbo roulette also differs a bit. In typical roulette, you can place bets until the dealer starts the wheel. In turbo roulette, you can make bets while the wheel is turning but when the dealer signs, all bets are stopped, and everyone waits to see whether he/she loses or wins.

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is one of the most reputable and recognized developers of live casino games. The company is legitimately registered in Malta. Authentic Gaming holds ISO 9001:2008 certificate for high-quality management systems. The company offers various live casino platforms, Intra resort gaming, and shipboard gaming.

Authentic Gaming was officially launched in 2015. Since that time, they have been doing their best to develop the most excellent software for the best live gaming. Authentic Gaming mostly specializes in the development of exclusive software products for all types of live roulette games. The company delivers all games on tablets, mobiles, and PC in outstanding HD video quality. Since 2015, the company has already developed over 45 hi-tech products for online casinos.

In 2017, live turbo roulette by Authentic Gaming has been recognized the best roulette product in the online gambling market.


Authentic Gaming undoubtedly provides all interested gamers with a perfect platform for all types of games. Thus, Authentic live turbo roulette is a vital evidence of the best developer’s efforts to offer the most comfortable gambling experience to all live casino players worldwide. This type of roulette is an exclusive mixture of stylishness, high RTP, continuous high-quality stream, as well as the most affordable betting options and unstoppable fun. If you haven’t tried live turbo roulette, it is high time to start!