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Casinos are always generating bonuses to entice players – old and new – into hazarding a few spins at their live roulette tables. Below, you will find the standard welcome bonuses currently on offer from all of our top casino partners.

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Understanding bonuses

There are literally hundreds of bonuses currently being promoted by online casinos, which can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know their match deposits from their reloads. You might be thinking, “But which bonus is really the best? Are there any hidden catches in the small print?”

That’s where we come in! Read on for a little clarifying information about different bonus types as well as general tips to bear in mind when deciding which casino is most deserving of your time.

Claiming a bonus: things to watch out for!

Step one: read the terms and conditions carefully

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often an offer that sounds awesome on the surface isn’t all that it appears. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for any given bonus before you attempt to claim.

Step two: check the wagering requirements

Within the terms and conditions for a bonus, you will find wagering requirements. Very few casino bonuses can be obtained instantly, the majority will require you to ‘roll over’ a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any cash. For instance, the terms and conditions of a casino bonus might stipulate that players gamble 20 times the value of that bonus.

Under those terms, if you were claiming a 100% welcome bonus after a £10 deposit, you would need to wager £210 (20 x £10 + £10 deposit) before you could claim any of your bonus. Any roll-over above 38x probably isn’t worth your time.

Step three: is there a time limit?

Sometimes casinos require you to meet their wagering conditions within a set time limit. This can make it nearly impossible to claim your bonus.

For instance, if the wagering requirements for the example above set a 30 day time limit between making your first deposit and claiming your bonus, you’d lose your bonus (and possibly your starting deposit as well) if you failed to wager £210 in that period.

Step four: how do the wagering requirements vary across game types?

The stake placed on different games will contribute different amounts to your wagering requirements for a given bonus.

Wagers on roulette usually contribute around 20-25% to your wagering retirements, so a £10 bet on a roulette spin would only contribute £2-2.50 to your £210 target (in the example above.) Also, some wagers are entirely void. Usually, 50/50 bets on roulette (e.g. betting on red or black) will not count towards your wagering total.

Step five: is the bonus valid in your jurisdiction?

Players from a select number of regions are prohibited from claiming some (or all) bonus types. Be sure to check that you’re able to claim the bonus you’ve got your eye on!

When cashing out, you may be asked to provide proof of your country of residence in the form of ID (a scan of your passport should suffice.)

More information

For further details about claiming particular bonuses, click on any of the ‘Review’ links above and check out the ‘Promotions’ pages within our casino reviews. There, you will find clear instructions about how to claim individual bonuses from our featured partners.

To learn more about different bonus types, click the links in the sidebar on the right.