Our team of roulette experts have (collectively) spent decades refining their understanding of their trade, spending literally thousands of hours pouring over roulette tables to uncover ever tiny nuance of the game.
Of course, you don’t have the time for that level of commitment. You probably have a life. Fortunately, our roulette veterans have pooled their resources to provide you with a list of insider tips that will fast-track your game to professional standards.

Keep the following in mind and you won’t go far wrong, on or offline. We can’t promise that you’ll win, but we’re confident that these tips will immeasurably improve your gambling entertainment.

1) Respect the dealer

Roulette is a tricksy pastime in which a single spin can be the difference between success and bankroll oblivion. Just remember, no matter what happens at the wheel, it’s not going to be the dealer’s fault, ever.

Especially online, players have a tendency to get in a sulk and behave obnoxiously towards the dealer when things go sour. This is never okay.

Instead, be courteous to the dealer, get to know them if possible – it’s always a lot more fun to play with someone who doesn’t think you’re a complete numbskull.

2) Set limits for yourself and stick to them

Gamblers often become their own worst enemies; it’s always surprising how quickly you can burn through your bankroll when the blood gets pumping. Save yourself a headache before you’ve even started playing by setting yourself a limit that you will not cross.

This limit doesn’t have to be a certain amount of cash. It can be something like, ‘I’ll only play for half an hour’ or ‘I’ll play for 20 turns.’ However you feel most comfortable limiting your play, it’s worth being strict with yourself – roulette is fun, bailiffs are less fun.

3) Stay away from ‘advantage play’

You should always take complicated advantage play techniques like roulette visual ballistics with a pinch of salt. The roulette strategies listed on this site are designed to make gambling more fun: they cannot improve your odds. The genius of roulette is that the bank can always guarantee the same house edge from players, irrespective of how they bet.

If you ask us, leave the hocus pocus ‘roulette-busting’ tactics to the mugs and enjoy roulette on its own terms as an entertaining game of chance.

4) Know when to quit

Personal limits or no, if you’re starting to lose a lot of money then it’s always best to leave the table with what you still have. Avoid the trap of attempting to win back lost cash with erratic bets that you cannot afford. Better to cut your losses.

On the other side of the coin, it’s always satisfying to quit when you’re ahead. As we said, the way that roulette is designed means that – sooner or later – a good game will go sideways and the bank will take a predictable chunk of your personal wealth. If you’re up, don’t give them that chance!

5) Keep a clear mind

We all like the occasional snifter to add a bit of spice to the casino experience. However, drinking alcohol or taking other intoxicants will affect the way you play, making you unpredictable and reckless with your bets, which can place a serious strain on your wallet. We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but in roulette as in life, a little in moderation is the way to go.

6) Play European roulette

Je suis sérieux. In a game of European Roulette, players cannot place outside bets that include the green ’0′ pocket. This gives the casino a statistical edge over the player, as you’d expect from a casino game.

However, this edge is doubled in American Roulette, which features two green pockets. Therefore, you have a far better shot at a long-term profit with European or French Roulette.

7) Don’t dive in at the deep end

Playing roulette is like driving a car: you’ll hurt yourself if you hit the M4 before you’ve mastered dual carriageways.

For your first few games, don’t try and do anything clever; place safe and straightforward outside bets and don’t lay down your whole bankroll on the first spin. Once you’ve found the ropes, then you’ll be ready to come out swinging.

8) Pace yourself

If you have set yourself a limit then make sure you don’t spend it in two or three spins. Spread out your bankroll across numerous small bets to eke as much fun as possible out of your available funds.

In roulette, half the battle is holding on long enough to see that big win. Keep your head down and stay in the game, you never know when Lady Luck will glance your way…

9) The most important tip!

Keep a this page to hand; print it out if need be or keep it open in your web browser, just make sure you have it nearby as you play so you can refer to it as often as you need to.

Remember, we’re here to help!