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Since launching in 2008 as Challenge Jackpot, Jackpot247 has gone on to conquer multiple media platforms including TV, web and mobile with acclaimed live casino entertainment. But in a crowded casino market, is this a Jackpot you should hit?

Jackpot247 have had a long time to perfect their televised service and it shows. The casino airs its programme live Monday to Saturday, allowing punters to place bets via their remotes, phones or using their online accounts. All the presenters have an engaging screen presence and their relentless banter helps ease the tedium of waiting between spins.

Online play is definitely a viable option with this brand: Jackpot247’s website is intuitively designed to resemble a TV guide, making for an aesthetically-pleasing and highly navigable layout. For mobile users, Jackpot247 provide a downloadable casino app for a range of operating systems, including iOS, Android, LG and Blackberry. At present, live roulette is exclusive to iOS platforms.

Reliability, security and customer satisfaction

If you scroll to the bottom of the Jackpot247 website, you will come across that coveted Alderney licence. This pretty much guarantees a trustworthy casino that conforms to the highest standards of customer security…

However (and this is a big however) Jackpot247’s terms and conditions pretty much guarantee that you will lose your first deposit and be unable to claim the accompanying welcome bonus, so beware. On top of that, transfer speed can be a bit sluggish.

Live casino

Since Jackpot247 started life as a TV-based live casino, it’s unsurprising that its live service is of an exceptionally high standard. The brand’s vivacious team of presenters make for a thoroughly entertaining show and the croupiers that manage the tables have all cut their teeth working the floor at land-based casinos, resulting in an unparalleled degree of professionalism.


Aside from the flagship live roulette game at Jackpot247, the brand runs a number of other games via its website, from alternative roulette variants (both live and virtual) to table games and slots. There are also auto-roulette games that run when the live dealers are absent, ensuring that there’s always plenty of roulette action to be had.


As we mentioned, while the £400 welcome bonus at Jackpot247 might seem mouth-wateringly generous, there’s a sting in the tail…

The casino’s terms and conditions demand that the minimum £10 that must be wagered to claim your first match bonus be played through 99 times within 30 days of the issue date. This would be a tall ask for even the most enthusiastic player, as you effectively need to wager £990 to claim back a tenner.

TV Schedule

Jackpot247 host their live roulette channel 24 hours a day on Sky Channel 862 – so you can spin until the sun comes up!

The programme varies between live roulette and Roulette Express Premium, so you’ll be able to get a taste of both games. ITV1 also airs Jackpot247′s live roulette show at certain times of the day.

If you prefer to play online, Jackpot247′s live casino is always open for business! Just clink our link below to visit SuperCasino.com. Otherwise, check the schedule below to learn when you can play live roulette on TV with Jackpot247:

Online Sky 862 ITV1 The Zone VoxAfrica
4AM — 6PM Roulette Express Premium Roulette Express Premium
6PM — 10PM Live Roulette Live Roulette
10PM — 3AM Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette Live Roulette
3AM — 4AM Live Roulette Live Roulette

Jackpot247 Mobile

Jackpot247′s mobile app supports several roulette games on your smart-phone, including live roulette. The Jackpot247 app is free and easy to download.

How to download Jackpot247′s mobile application:

  1. Go to Jackpot247 and select your mobile device.
  2. Choose the game you want to play and enter your phone number.
  3. Download and play!

Payment Methods

Jackpot247’s accepted payment methods

Read on for more information about the payment methods available at Jackpot247. Click any of the links below to wager some cash at the casino using your preferred service.


Aside from some dubious bonus conditions, Jackpot247 provides an excellent service for live roulette lovers and fans of general casino entertainment. The TV service is top-notch, the website looks the business and there’s plenty of variety on display. There’s certainly a lot to like here, just remember to read the small print…

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