Grosvenor Joins the Race for Southampton’s First Super Casino

April 4, 2017

The UK’s biggest casino operator is set to compete with Aspers for the proposed super casino on Southampton’s Royal Pier.

Last month, we reported that Aspers had bid to add a super casino to the £450 million development plans for the city’s iconic landmark. However, Grosnevor has threatened Aspers’ claim by throwing their own hat into the ring.

The Battle of the Brands

Southampton council currently holds one of only eight super casino licenses in the United Kingdom.

These large complexes can contain up to 150 slot machines and 30 table games. The first British super casino, Aspers in Stratford, was quickly followed by another Aspers branch in Milton Keynes.

The Daily Echo reported last year on the £450 million plans to develop the Royal Pier, which is set to incorporate a Mayflower Park and a new marina, in addition to fresh restaurants and bars.

Competition for a Southampton super casino will begin in earnest on April 1st when planning permission is officially submitted.

Pier Pressure

Aspers have already confirmed that it will bid, but a brief statement from Grosvenor has put it in direct contest with the casino chain.

A spokesperson from Grosvenor said, succinctly: “We see this as a good opportunity and are likely to be making a bid.”

The firm is certainly in a good position for a successful bid, with 55 UK casinos to its name already (including one in Southampton.)

Labour MP for Southampton, Simon Letts commented: “We expect this to be the most competitive large casino licence in the country. We welcome this as it will maximise community benefits.”

Meanwhile, plans for Bath’s first casino have completely fallen through, with city planners likening the city’s bid to “putting lipstick on a pig.”

A final decision about the Southampton super casino will be made in August.

Author ViTaXa