Meet the live roulette dealers

There are many points to consider when choosing a live roulette casino – the bonuses, the reputation of the brand, the table limits and so on. However, if you are going to be playing for any length of time, you will probably be spending a fair chunk of that time looking at the video window, so it can pay to find a dealer whom you don’t mind looking at.

Thankfully, the dealers working at live roulette tables tend to be, on the whole, really rather lovely, as you can see in our photo gallery…

Check out the live dealers at our casino partners below:

888 Casino Dealers

There are 29 dealers manning the table games at 888Casino. They’re all easy on the eyes and boast loads of experience, gained from dealing at land-based casinos across Europe.

Bet365 Casino Dealers

Bet365 have got some of the best dealers in the game, we guarantee you’ll not meet a more professional team of croupiers on the web.

BetVictor Casino Dealers

In addition to favouring live gamblers with stunning dealers, BetVictor provide a little background information about their team, so you can get to know them before you hit the wheel.

Genting Casino Dealers

Genting Casino provide some of the friendliest and most experienced croupiers around. With these ladies and gents on hand, you’ll have to tear yourself away from the screen.

SuperCasino Dealers

SuperCasino’s detailed dealer profiles help break the ice before you play, so you feel like you’re playing with an old friend.

William Hill Casino Dealers

William Hill has by far the best staffed live casino online, with a force of 200 dealers. If you like variety, William Hill is the only destination you’ll need for live roulette.